About the Artist


I am a photographer, graphic designer and writer.  The Wilma Project incorporates many of my creative interests and offers the idea that we often limit our options and choose not to have more choices in life–whether it be because of peer pressure, advertising, fear or something else.

The idea behind this project is steeped in marketing/advertising concepts and social expectations. Do we make our decisions based on what we need personally or based on what we think is expected of us? Do we really believe in what we surround ourselves with or is that the power of the media and repetition convincing us that something matters to us when it really doesn’t?

In a world with endless possibilities, why do we see and hear about the same celebrities, situations, lifestyles, movies and fashion…why are we inundated with same same same? My work gives the viewer an opportunity to think outside of target advertising demographics and force-fed modes of entertainment. I believe that a life is better lived if more risks are taken, more options explored and even taking pride in a little selfishness. I want to offer a different point of view with the goal of encouraging others to express themselves however they see fit, whether it is politically correct, tasteful or digestible to the masses.

As a graphic designer I have worked for Estée Lauder, American Express, Nickelodeon (New York City) and the Baltimore City Paper.

My work has been shown at the Baltimore Museum of Art, solo shows at Metro Gallery and the G-Spot Audio-Visual Playground (Baltimore), Polanoir Gallery (Austria) and the Mint Gallery (Atlanta). I currently live in Baltimore and want my work to go beyond the Baltimore bubble.


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