About the Wilma Project

Just who the *&%$#! is Wilma Martinez?

Wilma Martinez is a child of the arts. She is a free-spirited woman of the world who does things her way. Wilma is the embodiment of personal self-expression and in some circles has been considered the very first Supermodel.

Actress, model, socialite, criminal, philanthropist and muse are but a few of the labels given Wilma. Her contributions to the arts has been shockingly overlooked and in fact, swept under the rug. This project is about bringing her works and contributions back to the surface and sharing them with the world.

Now, the next thing you might be thinking is, Is Wilma for real? And the answer is YES! Wilma Martinez was not exactly born in the traditional sense, she is the brainchild of artist Jim Lucio who has created a history for this unique individual through photography, graphic design, social networking, street art and other outlets of creativity.

Through photography, graphic design, advertising principles, street art and humor, Lucio aims to call more attention to the vapid nature of the entertainment and advertising industries, particularly the casting of “perfect” people with bionic bodies, flawless skin and standardized model looks to entertain us and pitch every conceivable product to us.

As a people, we have accepted less and have been made to feel that packaged perfection is attainable, but perfection can not exist the way we see it in magazines and in the movies.  Wilma’s message is that we are perfect the way we are. She also reminds us that we don’t need to settle for less nor be force fed someone else’s idea of what is acceptable.

Join the Wilma Revolution and take it to the streets!


3 responses to “About the Wilma Project

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