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Wilma Lives…and she is Pissed!

Wilma has been having some crazy tabloid drama (1997)…the impersonators are coming out of the woodwork and she is trying to maintain her composure. If you can’t read the actual copy here, you can go to my Flickr page to read it and click on All Sizes to see a larger version: HERE




R.I.P. Farrah and Michael.


Suppositories 1977 T-Shirt Design


New Wilma Photo…Suppositories Reforming

Wilma will be featured in a big story which comes out in Baltimore OUTLoud on Friday, just in time for Baltimore Pride–so be sure to grab a copy! She will mostly be discussing her 70s punk band, The Suppositories and plans for her musical future with the reformed band. Here’s one of the incredible photos I took of her recently to help promote The Suppositories.

The incredible Wilma Martinez.

The incredible Wilma Martinez.

Suppositories Flyer

I’ve got some recent photos of Wilma promoting her newly reformed band The Suppositories and they are great. Until I post them, here is an old flyer from one of their Max’s Kansas City shows.

Wilma on an old Suppositories flyer.

Wilma on an old Suppositories flyer.

Wilma’s Kiddie Record Wonder

Wilma Martinez was probably one of the first people to cover Peggy Lee‘s hit song Fever which was a big hit in 1958. This record came out in 1959, making Wilma about twelve years old.


Rare Fever LP by Little Wilma, 1959

I really love those electrified jazz hands! And the overall cover design is simple and effective..I can just see little boys and girls insisting that their parents buy them a copy of this record. You can see this LP and the full Wilma Martinez exhibit at Artscape 2009 on the Midway!

Exotica LP Cover Art w/ Wilma

Most of Wilma’s high profile modeling assignments came out of the 60s, during which time she did a lot of catalog work and product endorsements. This album was released in 1962 and cashed in on the tail-end of the Martin Denny-style exotica sound that was popular in the late 60s.

I’ve heard that she also appeared on the cover of a Morton Gould LP from around the same time, but I have never seen it. This LP will be on display at the Wilma Martinez Exhibit at Artscape 2009.

Wilma Martinez on exotica LP cover.

Wilma Martinez on exotica LP cover.