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Paige Pumphrey Wilma Romance

Brooklyn based artist, Paige Pumphrey has submitted a superb romance comic book cover for the Wilma Project. I knew Wilma was a lot of things, but now rumors will be flying that she’s a size queen too!



Private Party aka Vice Queen

In 1980 Wilma’s film Vice Queen was released and marketed as a dark, racketeering type of film, but it was also released under the title Private Party and has more of a free-wheeling, cut-loose kind of movie that may have been aimed more towards an audience influenced by drugs, though extreme fashion and glamour are the mention on this publicity still.

Private Party, 1980. Aka Vice Queen

Private Party, 1980. Aka Vice Queen

Bat Daddy Wilma Art

Jasun “Bat Daddy” Huerta is a super cool artist. His work is a pop culture vulture’s wet dream. Devil girls, bat boys, zombie waitresses, hot rods, rockabilly rebels and all sorts of other party monster types. He has an incredible collection of drawings that have all been done on 3″x3″ Post-Its. Here is one he did of Wilma which he adhered to a page from a hotel notepad.

Jasun "Bat Daddy" Huerta's Post-It art of Wilma, 2008

Jasun "Bat Daddy" Huerta's Post-It art of Wilma, 2008

Check Bat Daddy’s wacky Post-It Note art.