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Vintage Wilma Martinez Doll

Packaging and action figure designer, Lawrence Snelly, created this amazing Wilma doll which will be on display at Artscape (July 17-19 in Baltimore) along with vintage advertising.


doll photo


Wilma Lives…and she is Pissed!

Wilma has been having some crazy tabloid drama (1997)…the impersonators are coming out of the woodwork and she is trying to maintain her composure. If you can’t read the actual copy here, you can go to my Flickr page to read it and click on All Sizes to see a larger version: HERE




R.I.P. Farrah and Michael.

Wilma Fan Art by Jim Sheely

Seattle artist Jim Sheely, has contributed a diverse number of art inspired by Wilma, each done in a different style. I cannot recommend enough that you check out his work here and his Etsy store. Just look at the carving he did of lovely Ms. Martinez! I have a dream to own a ten foot totem pole done by this artist to some day have in my backyard.

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Wilma Martinez: The Muse

Baltimore artist Nicole Wittelsburger has submitted a nice portrait of Wilma. I think the artist captured the demure glamour and intensity of Wilma nicely.  It’s always interesting to see the power that Wilma has over other artists and how she can function as a muse to so many people with diverse talents and styles.

Wilma Martinez portrait by Nicole Wittelsburger

Wilma Martinez portrait by Nicole Wittelsburger

Tabloid Modeling Gig

I haven’t absolutely confirmed that this is Wilma Martinez, but I am fairly certain that it is. She does have a history of modeling western style clothing, but I’ve never seen her appear in supermarket tabloids, this being an issue of the Midnight/Globe from 1977. Interestingly, Wilma also frequently modeled for sewing and crochet magazines. Some of these documents will be posted here at a later date.

Midnight/Globe Oct. 1977

Midnight/Globe Oct. 1977

Private Party aka Vice Queen

In 1980 Wilma’s film Vice Queen was released and marketed as a dark, racketeering type of film, but it was also released under the title Private Party and has more of a free-wheeling, cut-loose kind of movie that may have been aimed more towards an audience influenced by drugs, though extreme fashion and glamour are the mention on this publicity still.

Private Party, 1980. Aka Vice Queen

Private Party, 1980. Aka Vice Queen

Boxing Kick Ass Wilma!

She made boxing movies! I never knew!! Thank you so much to Michael in Atlanta for sharing this from his collection of boxing magazines.

Wilma was not adverse to any type of work or adventure…she is the ultimate inspiration and lives life the way it should be lived. I am still reeling from this new information about her life!

I have only been sent a scan of the actual page from this magazine, but hopefully I will have the original on display this summer at Artstcape, but what is interesting is that in the description of Wilma’s film, they refer to her as “Vilma”. I would like to know if that was a typo or if Wilma gave them a fake name..?? Either way…she looks awesome and I’m sure she kicked Lucy’s ass!